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The Royal Summons!

From Arcane Wonders - A special exclusive Pre-Order Promo Card to go with each copy of Sheriff of Nottingham that is pre-ordered; The Royal Summons! Offer good through 30 August, 2014.

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Warzone: Resurrection!

Coming Soon from Prodos Games - Developed from the best bits of the original game, art & prose of previous editions to produce all new miniatures, a background re-imagining & an exciting innovative gaming system.

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Coming Soon from Bombshell Miniatures!

Counterblast, a new pulp-inspired science fiction tabletop skirmish battle game for 28-30mm miniatures, with fast paced action & cinematic thrills, evocative of the serials that captivated the imagination of previous generations.

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Operation: Icestorm!

Finally! A Two-Player Starter Set for Infinity, coming soon from Corvus Belli! Includes an exclusive promo model (available w/Pre-Order ONLY)!

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Sales Support will be limited Tuesday, 12 August through Monday, 18 August as our Sales Staff will be attending Gen Con in Indianapolis, IN. Our warehouse will be open & orders will be processed as normal. To meet with our Sales Manager, Marcelo Figueroa, in person, please call our main line [866-737-9540] to schedule an appointment.

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NEW from Zvezda, Kenzer & Company... and much more! [new product list][full report]


PRE-ORDER: Coming Soon from Reaper Miniatures, Dream Pod 9, Wyrd Miniatures... and much more! [preorder list][full report]


PRE-ORDER: Coming Soon from Prodos Games, Corvus Belli, Bombshell Miniatures... and much more! [preorder list][full report]


BACK IN STOCK from Ares Games, Avalanche Press, ArmsKeeper Hobby Accessories... and much more! [new product list][full report]


PRE-ORDER: Coming Soon from Tale Of War Miniatures, Osprey Publishing, Hawk Wargames... and much more! [preorder list][full report]

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AE-Bounty: Alien Encounters Bounty Core Rulebook

Savage Worlds RPG: Fantasy Companion

BattleLore: Battles of Westeros

Summoner Wars: Master Set

Deathwatch RPG: Core Rule Book (Adeptus Astartes in the 40K Universe)

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